At North Boulder Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on growing medical marijuana using the highest standards of quality; applying expert care and attention. We also offer holistic therapies, focusing on a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

All of our strains are 100% organic, homegrown and many are unique to North Boulder Wellness Center because we only specialize in the production of the most innovative hybrid genetics. We are responsible for the breeding and cultivation of all of our strains, thereby ensuring the highest quality medical marijuana product possible.

When you step through the doorway into our beautiful spa-like center, you will immediately feel more relaxed and cared for by our compassionate and knowledgeable staff.

Most new patients are surprised to learn about all the extra services we offer, including massage, facials and other aesthetic treatments.

Thanks to all of our loyal patients.  You make it a joy to come to work every day!

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm